Become a Friend of MCC

In 2019, Madison Golf and Country Club again will be soliciting both businesses and individuals to join the “Friends of MCC” club. Membership is attained by supporting Madison Country Club in either business or individual advertising sponsorship opportunities. We encourage businesses and individuals to join multiple sponsorship categories.

Together with your support, we can make this upcoming 2018 season another memorable and successful one. The following is our tiered sponsorship structure for your review.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Tee Box Marker Signs: $500

Tee marker signs are priced at $500 each for 2019.  We are currently ordering new yardage marker signs and all new signage will be coved by MCC.  After the new signs are up and the sponsor decides to change their logo it will be purchased by the sponsor from Outerworld Design in Madison, with a typical cost between of $50 to $100 per 5.5 x 18-inch sign (includes installation by Outerworld). Tee box sponsors will each receive 4 premium golf passes, each valid for one 18-hole round with power cart and range, plus 2 “Friends of MCC” Under Armour shirts

Golf Cart AD Sponsor: $500

Cart ads are suspended from the upper windshield frame bar, and business ads will be placed in the document holders for the entire 2019 season. The ad cards will also be placed in card holders on additional rental carts brought in for larger tournaments and events, thus expanding the reach of these ads. Golf cart ads will also be priced at $500 each for the 2019 season. Sponsors will also receive 4 premium golf passes plus 2 “Friends of MCC” Under Armour shirts.

Click Here for a Tee Box Marker or Golf Cart Sponsorship form

Family/Couple Sponsor: $250

Families and Couples that join "Friends of MCC" program will receive two premium golf passes and two signature "Friend of MCC" Under Armour golf shirts.

Individual Sponsor: $125

Individuals who wish to join "Friends of MCC" program will receive one premium golf pass and one signature "Friend of MCC" Under Armour golf shirts.

Click here for the Individual/Family/Couple Sponsorship form

How Will the Funds Raised Be Used?

Our goal is to allocate a substantial percentage of funds raised through this program to grounds and/or clubhouse improvements. Specifically, improving cart paths and adding to the grounds equipment fleet.

What's Next?

Fill out the appropriate attached "Friends of MCC" sponsorship form and bring it to the clubhouse, give it to any MCC staff or board member, or mail it to the clubhouse. We will then contact you to finalize your tee box assignment and/or arrange to receive your benefits. As soon as all the details are complete and your sponsorship funding is received, your premium golf passes will be available for pickup from Drew Trautman at the clubhouse.

Cart Sign PrototypeClick the link to open pdf in a new tab