Course Policies

The Madison Country Club Policies and Rules are meant to allow all golfers an enjoyable round of golf. Please respect course policies at all times and keep our country club a place where members and guests enjoy a relaxing round of golf.

Golf Rules

  • Soft-spike shoes are required on the course for all golfers.
  • Proper attire, including shirt and shoes, is required on the golf course.
  • All play must start at Tee No. 1 or as otherwise permitted in advance by personnel of the Pro Shop.
  • All golfers must have their own set of clubs when playing on the course – no more than one player out of one bag.
  • Footprints and scuffs in sand traps must be raked upon departure from the sand trap.
  • Divots must be replaced, and ball indentures on greens must be neatly repaired by golfers during play.
  • Slow players must permit faster groups to play through at the first convenient opportunity so not to delay maximum course use by other golfers.
  • There shall not be MORE than two persons in a golf cart.
  • Golf carts and pull carts must be kept at least 30 feet from all greens and otherwise operated and used in areas designated, marked, or posted. Carts should be operated on hard-surface cart paths.
  • Private Cart Policy:  Private Carts are allowed on the Madison Country Club course so long as the appropriate trail fee has been paid. Use of a private cart is limited to the owner, the family of the owner and any guests riding with the owner or with a family member of the owner. No additional cart fee will be assessed to a guest riding with the owner of the cart or family member of the owner. Individuals that borrow a private cart and the owner or family member of the owner is not in the group will be assessed a $10 Trail fee for that day.

General Rules

  • All food and beverage consumed in clubhouse or on course must be purchased from the club.
  • Members not in good standing as described by the By-Laws may be denied access to clubhouse and course.
  • Guests must settle bill before leaving the premises.
  • Charging is available to the Members. Charged purchases are payable at first billing following purchase.


No person will be allowed use of the course or the clubhouse if green fees have not been paid and registration completed in the Pro Shop. Further, any member not in good standing as defined in the By-Laws of the Club, may be denied entry, access, service, and use of any or all facilities of the club without cause or recourse.